Types of Vehicles:

Our diverse range of vehicles allows us to cater to different cargo types and sizes, ensuring that we can meet the specific transportation requirements of our clients. Whether you need to transport standard-sized goods or specialized cargo, Choudhary Cargo Movers has the right vehicle to handle your transportation needs effectively and safely.

1) 12-Wheeler Haulage Trucks:

Choudhary Cargo Movers offers 12-wheeler haulage trucks, which are suitable for transporting medium to large-sized cargo. These trucks have a robust design and can handle significant loads, making them ideal for various goods transportation requirements.

2) 14-Wheeler Haulage Trucks:

Our fleet includes 14-wheeler haulage trucks, which provide enhanced load-carrying capacity compared to their 12-wheeler counterparts. These trucks are well-suited for transporting heavier or bulkier cargo, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation.

3) 16-Wheeler Haulage Trucks:

Choudhary Cargo Movers also offers 16-wheeler haulage trucks, designed for handling heavy loads and long-distance transportation. These trucks are equipped with additional axles to distribute weight effectively, ensuring stability and safety during transit.

4) Open Bed Multi Axle Trailer:

For the transportation of oversized or unconventional cargo, we provide open bed multi axle trailers. These trailers feature a spacious open platform that accommodates large or irregularly shaped goods, enabling flexible and efficient transportation solutions.

5) Closed Body Containers:

Closed body containers are enclosed cargo containers used for the transportation of goods, providing protection from external elements and ensuring the security and safety of the cargo. These containers are commonly used in the logistics industry to transport a wide range of goods securely and efficiently. Here are some common sizes of closed body containers:


The 14FT closed body container has a length of 14 feet (approximately 4.27 meters). It offers a compact storage space suitable for transporting smaller loads or cargo that requires a smaller footprint.


The 17FT closed body container has a length of 17 feet (approximately 5.18 meters). It provides a slightly larger storage space compared to the 14FT container, accommodating more cargo or bulkier items.


The 20FT closed body container is one of the most widely used sizes in containerized shipping. It has a length of 20 feet (approximately 6.1 meters) and offers a significant storage capacity. It is commonly used for transporting various types of goods, including consumer products, machinery, and electronics.


The 22FT closed body container has a length of 22 feet (approximately 6.71 meters). It provides additional storage space compared to the standard 20FT container, accommodating larger or more voluminous cargo.


The 32FT SXL (extra-long) and MXL (maxi-long) closed body containers have a length of 32 feet (approximately 9.75 meters). These larger containers are suitable for transporting bulky or oversized cargo that requires a longer storage space.