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Welcome to Choudhary Cargo Movers!

Choudhary Cargo Movers is a renowned road transportation and logistics company (EST. 1985), dedicated to providing exceptional services to our valued clients. We have been in the business for several years and have built a reputation for providing efficient and reliable transport solutions. With a strong foundation built on integrity, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for all your cargo moving needs. Since our inception, we have been committed to delivering excellence through reliable and efficient transportation solutions.

Types of Goods Transportation:

At Choudhary Cargo Movers, we are equipped to handle a wide range of goods and materials, including those listed below. Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and reliability makes us a trusted partner for transporting various types of goods, ensuring their timely and secure delivery to the desired destinations.

1) Transportation of Hazardous Goods (Chemicals and Others):

Transporting hazardous goods such as chemicals requires specialized handling and adherence to strict safety regulations. Choudhary Cargo Movers has the expertise and resources to handle the transportation of hazardous materials, ensuring compliance with safety standards and secure delivery.

2) Coal:

We offer efficient transportation solutions for coal, catering to the energy and industrial sectors. Our logistics capabilities enable the smooth movement of coal from mines to power plants or other destinations, ensuring timely delivery to meet your operational needs.

3) Iron and Steel:

Transporting iron and steel products requires careful handling to avoid damage or deformation. Choudhary Cargo Movers has the necessary infrastructure and equipment to securely transport iron and steel materials, including coils, sheets, pipes, and structural components, ensuring their integrity throughout the transportation process.

4) Cement:

We specialize in the transportation of cement, a crucial material in the construction industry. Our fleet of vehicles, equipped with appropriate handling equipment, ensures the safe and efficient delivery of cement to construction sites or distribution centers, contributing to seamless construction operations.

5) Aluminum:

Choudhary Cargo Movers provides transportation services for aluminum and aluminum-based products. Our experienced team understands the unique handling requirements of aluminum, ensuring proper care and protection during transit to preserve its quality and integrity.

6) Ammonium Nitrate:

Transporting ammonium nitrate, a sensitive and potentially hazardous material, requires specialized expertise. Our trained professionals and adherence to safety protocols ensure the secure transportation of ammonium nitrate, prioritizing safety and regulatory compliance.

Types of Vehicles:

Our diverse range of vehicles allows us to cater to different cargo types and sizes, ensuring that we can meet the specific transportation requirements of our clients. Whether you need to transport standard-sized goods or specialized cargo, Choudhary Cargo Movers has the right vehicle to handle your transportation needs effectively and safely.

1) 12-Wheeler Haulage Trucks:

Choudhary Cargo Movers offers 12-wheeler haulage trucks, which are suitable for transporting medium to large-sized cargo. These trucks have a robust design and can handle significant loads, making them ideal for various goods transportation requirements.

2) 14-Wheeler Haulage Trucks:

Our fleet includes 14-wheeler haulage trucks, which provide enhanced load-carrying capacity compared to their 12-wheeler counterparts. These trucks are well-suited for transporting heavier or bulkier cargo, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation.

3) 16-Wheeler Haulage Trucks:

Choudhary Cargo Movers also offers 16-wheeler haulage trucks, designed for handling heavy loads and long-distance transportation. These trucks are equipped with additional axles to distribute weight effectively, ensuring stability and safety during transit.

4) Open Bed Multi Axle Trailer:

For the transportation of oversized or unconventional cargo, we provide open bed multi axle trailers. These trailers feature a spacious open platform that accommodates large or irregularly shaped goods, enabling flexible and efficient transportation solutions.

List of Clients for Hazardous Goods Transportation:

At Choudhary Cargo Movers, we have the expertise and experience to handle the transportation of hazardous goods for various clients across different locations. We prioritize safety, compliance, and reliable service to ensure the secure movement of hazardous materials for our valued clients.

Grasim Industries Ltd:

Locations: Renukoot, Rehla, Bhimavaram, Nagda, Vilayat
Description: Choudhary Cargo Movers provides transportation services for hazardous goods for various locations of Grasim Industries Ltd. We ensure the safe and compliant transportation of their hazardous materials to their designated destinations.

Loyds Chloro Alkalies Ltd:

Location: Alwar Description: Choudhary Cargo Movers serves as the trusted logistics partner for Loyds Chloro Alkalies Ltd in Alwar. We handle the transportation of their hazardous goods, ensuring strict adherence to safety regulations and secure delivery.

Solar Industries Ltd:

Locations: Waidhan, Nagpur
Description: Choudhary Cargo Movers is responsible for the transportation of hazardous goods for Solar Industries Ltd at their Waidhan and Nagpur locations. We prioritize safety and compliance to ensure the secure movement of their materials.

Special Blast Pvt Ltd:

Locations: Vizag, Raipur, Waidhan
Description: Choudhary Cargo Movers caters to the hazardous goods transportation needs of Special Blast Pvt Ltd across multiple locations. Our expertise in handling hazardous materials guarantees the reliable and safe delivery of their goods.

Hindalco Industries Ltd:

Locations: Renukoot, Mahan
Description: Choudhary Cargo Movers provides hazardous goods transportation services for Hindalco Industries Ltd at their Renukoot and Mahan facilities. We take utmost care to ensure the secure transportation of their hazardous materials.

Jindal Steel and Power Ltd:

Description: Choudhary Cargo Movers serves as a trusted logistics partner for Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, handling their hazardous goods transportation requirements. We prioritize safety and compliance to deliver their materials safely and efficiently.

Branches of Choudhary Cargo Movers:

Choudhary Cargo Movers has established a wide network of branches strategically located across various cities to provide comprehensive transportation and logistics services. These branches ensure efficient coordination and seamless operations to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you require transportation services, warehousing solutions, or specialized cargo handling, our branches are equipped to cater to your requirements in these locations.

Why Choose Choudhary Cargo Movers?

Reliability: We prioritize reliability and consistency in all our services. You can trust us to handle your cargo with the utmost care and deliver it to the designated destination on time.

Expertise: With years of industry experience, we possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle various types of cargo, including perishable goods, hazardous materials, and oversized consignments. Our team is well-versed in the latest industry regulations and practices.

Customer Focus: At Choudhary Cargo Movers, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to exceed your expectations by providing responsive communication, transparent processes, and a commitment to resolving any concerns or issues promptly.

Safety and Security: We prioritize the safety and security of your cargo throughout the transportation process. Our vehicles are equipped with tracking systems, and our drivers undergo regular training to ensure adherence to safety standards.

Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. Our cost-effective solutions help you optimize your logistics expenses and enhance your business efficiency.

Experience peace of mind and efficiency in cargo transportation with Choudhary Cargo Movers. Contact us today to discuss your logistics needs and let our dedicated team create a tailored solution for you. We are here to exceed your expectations.